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      熱門(mén)搜索:軍事模型 航天模型 飛機模型 坦克模型 變形金剛模型 鋼雕模型
      您當前所在位置 首頁(yè)>>新聞動(dòng)態(tài)>>行業(yè)資訊大型航空模型制作:放飛大型航空模型之前的注意事項


      發(fā)布時(shí)間:2024-05-15 來(lái)源:http://www.ko618.com/

        1. 未成年人,或者有任何礙于制作和放飛模型飛機的疾病或殘疾者,請一定要在身體健康和有閱讀產(chǎn)品說(shuō)明書(shū)能力的成年人的監督或者幫助下制作和放飛模型飛機。凡是有視力、聽(tīng)力、肢體、語(yǔ)言、行動(dòng)等方面困難者,以及對于塑料、膠水有過(guò)敏史的人員,都應該特別注意,避免單獨或直接參與這項活動(dòng)。凡是有嚴重的心臟、血壓、眩暈等不適合航空模型運動(dòng)的疾病的人員,請千萬(wàn)不要擅自參與這項運動(dòng),在向你的醫生咨詢(xún)后決定是否參與航空模型運動(dòng)。

      1. Minors, or those with any illnesses or disabilities that hinder the production and release of model airplanes, must be supervised or assisted by adults who are physically healthy and capable of reading product manuals when making and releasing model airplanes. Anyone with difficulties in vision, hearing, body movements, language, and other aspects, as well as those with a history of allergies to plastics and glue, should pay special attention to safety and avoid participating in this activity alone or directly. Anyone with serious illnesses such as heart, blood pressure, and dizziness that are not suitable for aerial model exercise should not participate in this exercise without authorization. After consulting with your doctor, decide whether to participate in aerial model exercise

        2. 在制作和放飛中,必須特別注意不要讓嬰幼兒、低齡兒童、盲人、過(guò)敏體質(zhì)者、智障患者、精神疾病者,接觸和靠近到模型和零件、工具、膠水、電池等,避免可能出現的任何意外狀況。

      During production and release, special attention must be paid not to allow infants, young children, blind people, allergic individuals, intellectually disabled individuals, and individuals with mental illnesses to come into contact with or approach models and parts, tools, glue, batteries, etc., in order to avoid any potential accidents.

        3. 在航模制作中,一定要避免在昏暗、明火、沙塵、強磁場(chǎng)、極高溫、極低溫、密閉的室內、運動(dòng)著(zhù)的交通工具等環(huán)境。當模型制作完成后,余下的零件和工具應該歸入你的工具箱子、模型包裝盒內、或者其他的地方,不要隨意放置或丟棄。


      In the production of aircraft models, it is necessary to avoid environments such as low light, open flames, sand and dust, strong magnetic fields, extremely high and low temperatures, enclosed indoor environments, and moving vehicles. After the model is completed, the remaining parts and tools should be placed in your tool box, model packaging box, or other safe place, and should not be placed or discarded randomly

        4. 在選擇放飛場(chǎng)地時(shí),請選擇一塊空曠、平坦、的場(chǎng)地。注意遠離和避開(kāi)人群、交通、建筑、公共設施和動(dòng)物較多的地區和危險地帶。避免在黑夜、雨天、大風(fēng)、大霧天、大雪天和極端的高低溫氣候條件。

      4. When selecting a release site, please choose an open, flat, and safe area. Pay attention to staying away from and avoiding areas with crowds, traffic, buildings, public facilities, and areas with a high number of animals and dangerous areas. Avoid dark nights, rainy days, strong winds, foggy days, snowy days, and extreme high and low temperature weather conditions.

      以上就是有關(guān) 大型航空模型制作 的介紹,想了解更多的內容請點(diǎn)擊:http://www.ko618.com 我們將會(huì )全心全意為您提供滿(mǎn)分服務(wù),歡迎您的來(lái)電!

      The above is an introduction to the production of large-scale aviation models. To learn more, please click: http://www.ko618.com We will wholeheartedly provide you with full score service. Welcome to call us!

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